Submit Custom Genomic Data Annotation

Your are welcome to contribute to LAILAPS and integrate your genomics resource. This increase the visibility of your research results and push the collaboration of genomics research. You may provide mappings from your own database or genome annotation to the LAILAPS indexed genome annotation hubs. To ensure the appreciation of contributed resources, the citation and copyrights must be part of the submission.

The data submission is possible as ZIP archive. The archive should comprise 2 files:

  2. mapping.csv
The fields in are:
  1. resource_name: The label for the linked data resource.
  2. description: Up to 500 character abstract of the linked data resource.
  3. overview_url: The URL to the home page of the linked data resource.
  4. mapping_url: The URL pattern to resolve a linked database record.
As template, you may use this example ZIP archive.