Drupal Plugin


  1. It is a wrapper to embed LAILAPS into the open source CMS Drupal.
  2. It provide the LAILAPS portlet as search box, including query suggestion and spelling correction.
  3. The LAILAPS module implements the functions:
    • "hook_menu()""
    • "hook_block_info"
  4. The supported deployment regions are:
    • "Drupal Menu"
    • "Drupal Block"


  1. download the zip file: ClientApi-drupal.zip and save it to your Drupal Modules folder.
  2. In order to deploy LAILAPS module,
    1. enable the module "lailaps" in the menu "Modules",
    2. add module "lailaps" as a Drupal menu, go to menu Structure->Menus->Main menu->list links.
    3. Alternatively, to add module "lailaps" as a Drupal block go to menu Structure->Blocks