LAILAPS Search Appliance

Customized LAILAPS server for your in-house research

LAILAPS Search Appliance (LSA) provides a ready to go installation in a tailored mini-server. LSA is dedicated to work as lab solution with minimal maintenance. The appliance is ready to be plugged into a LAN network and will be shipped with your individual search configuration. The LAILAPS search engine is installed based on a MSI ProBox23 with ultra fast I/O and scales up to 50 parallel search queries.

LAILAPS Search Appliances

Major benefits to operate a LAILAPS Search Appliance

  1. private, unshared server
  2. predictable availability
  3. keep network traffic private behind your firewall
  4. integration of internal databases

Contact us online for further information to a LAILAPS Search Appliance in your environment:

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